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Inspiration for easy to make wood crafts for any occasion

Whether you are planning to make a hand crafted birthday or Christmas gift, there is no better feeling than seeing our loved ones and friends unwrap something that was made by you with loving care.

Inspiration for easy to make wood crafts for any occasion

Depending on your budget and available time, a gift might be anything from a simple candle holder to a nice piece of furniture.

But some of these projects won't cost you anything if you look through your wood cutoff bin and put your creative juices to work.

Find below a collection of ideas gathered from Pinterest for you to consider for your next project.  These vary in complexity, cost of materials and craftsmanship and should be viewed as a source of inspiration.  For this article, we have selected items that are relatively easy to build and would make great gifts.

Happy Crafting!

(Disclaimer: WCR presents these Pinterest Pins for inspiraion only and is not affiliated in any way to the persons or organizations whose pins are shown below.)

Pen Holders:



 Candle Holders:


 Wooden Toys:


 Phone Caddies:



Wine Racks/Holders:




 Serving Trays:





Coat Racks:


Simple Clocks:

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